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Physical Science Layered Curriculum (5-8)

Marilyn Washington

Lake Elementary School, St. Amant, La.

C Layer

1. Listen and participate to daily lecture.

Choose 1 from numbers 2, 3, or 4.

2. Create Flash Card for Vocabulary Words. Use daily.

3. Create a Crossword puzzle using Vocabulary words.

4. Define the Vocabulary words in your notebook.

Choose number 5 or 6

5. Participate in discussion and answer questions from chapter (3 sections)

6. Listen to lecture on tape and answer questions from each section. (3 sections)

7-10 required by all

7. View Activity video-Building Blocks of Matter prior to doing investigations.


8. Using Physical Properties to identify objects

9. Changing states of matter

10. Chemical properties

Required worksheets are asterisked. Choose 4 other worksheets to complete.

11. Worksheets:

Workbook pages 258*, 261, 262, 263*, 266, 267, 268*, 271, 272, 273*, 274*, 275

Number 12 and 13 are required.

12. Chapter 1 Review and Test preparation (numbers 1-36)

13. Complete Matter Models Activity p.E33**

Choose 1

14. Summarize; People in Science (no more than 1 page)

15. Summarize: Self Healing Asphalt (no more than 1 page)

B Level

1. Research to find the dimensions of an Olympic sized pool. Figure the volume of water it can hold.

2. Research the life of Antoine Lavoisier to find out how the politics in France during the late 1700s may have affected the progress of science.

3. Interview someone from the Highway Department to explain how highways are repaired. Make a report to your class.

A Level

1. Do we use more fuel in cars, trains or planes?

2. Do people in Louisiana get cancer more often than people in other states?

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