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Earth & Space Science- The Solar System

Anita Bolz

grade 9 (~2 weeks)

C Layer 75 points maximum

1. Listen to lecture and take notes (5/day) day 1 3 5 7 9

2. Read inner planets and answer chapter questions (10)

3. Read outer planets and answer chapter questions (10)

4. Put vocabulary on flashcards (10)

5. View "Planets" video and list at least one feature per planet (10)

6. Plan solar system trip (what to pack, how long, hazards, etc.) (10)

7. Label planets on worksheet (5)

8, Do elliptical orbits lab (10)

9. Watch "Asteroid" and list science vs. fiction (5)

10. Make scale model of solar system (10)


B Layer Choose only one. 10 points.

1. construct cutaway model of a planet in our solar system

2. design an alien that can live on a planet other than Earth

3. make a travel brochure for a planet other than Earth in our solar system

4. compare Earth to one inner and one outer planet, listing similarities and differences


A Layer: Choose only one. 15 points.

Could there be life on other planets? Explain.

Should NASA continue to spend money on space exploration?

What are the beenefits of experimenting in zero-gravity?

Should we colonize other planets?

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