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by Babe Willey

Fremont, OH

Chapter 9 Food Name_____________________

*=required; bold italics indicate Other Textbook

60 points required for C test Due Date___________

1. Ecolog p. 226 (2 pts)

1. *P. 227-230 Ques. 1-3 p 230 (6 pts)

2. *Read p. 231-239; ques. 1-5 p. 239 (10 pts)

3. *Case Study p. 236-7; questions (4 pts)

4. *Read 240-244; questions 1-5 (10 pts)

5. *Video: Integrated Pest Management(10 pts)

6. *Case of the Failing Farm: p. 248-249 (Whole Class) (10 pts)

7. Genetically Engineered Foods p. 250-251 (4 pts)

8. Read p 220-224:Summarize each of these paragraphs: Differing Agricultural Methods and Energy versus Labor and write a page summary. Discuss with me (10 pts)

9. Read p. 230-234: Herbicides, Other Agricultural Chemicals, Fungicides and Rodenticides. Summarize in writing and discuss with me (10pts)

10. Read, summarize in writing and discuss with me p. 234-240, Problems with Pesticide Use and Organic Farming.(10pts)

11. Read, summarize in writing and discuss with me p. 241-245, Integrated Pest Management (10pts)

12. Create a poster explaining Integrated Pest Management for 15 pts)

13. Read, summarize in writing and discuss with me p.246-247 Agent Orange and Food Additives (10pts)

14. Lab activity: Managing the Moisture in Garden Soil (15 pts)

15. Lab activity: Which crops tolerate salt? (optional: 25 pts)

16. Read, Feeding the Global Family

17. Hunger Banquet (Whole Class) 10 pts.

Please get daily conference initials here as well as points initialed at event.

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