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Contact Us & FAQ's

Contact Information:

Our mailing address is:
54 Ponemah Rd
Amherst NH 03031

eFax: 208-979-0678
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email for the bookshop
bookshop (at) brains.org

email kathie
kathie (at) brains.org

If you have a specific question on implementing Layered Curriculum, use our Discussion Forum to get answers from Kathie Nunley as well as other colleagues in education.

NEW: VIDEO Tutorial: How Do I Begin Layered Curriculum® & Other Frequently Asked Questions.
(for high speed / broadband connectins only - Click "Run" when the window asks if you want to run or save. The download may take a minute or two. The video is 15 minutes in length).

FAQ's on Ordering Materials:

Do you take Purchase Orders?
Our institution needs a W-9 form.
Do you offer a reseller's discount?
How long will it take to get my books?
Can you ship international?
Do you offer a bulk discount?

FAQ's on workshops:

How can I attend a workshop?
How can our institution schedule a workshop?

FAQ's on Layered Curriculum:

Students finishing early / late work / homework / marking, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes, our shop can accept a purchase order from U.S. institutions (sorry no international PO's). Please note that due to administrative costs, a $3.00 handling fee will be added to all orders under $50.00 net.

Email or phone our shop with your fax number and one will be faxed to you.

Yes, we offer a 40% discount off retail to bookstores. Terms and details are available at this page.

Normally book orders are processed on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and shipped US Priority Mail.

Yes, we will ship small orders USPS Global Priority or larger orders UPS. If those standard shipping methods are not available to your location we will contact you to discuss shipping options.

Yes, if your school or organization is ordering more than 40 books, please use our bulk order form to take advantage of a 15% discount.

Question: How can I attend one of your workshops?

Answer: The majority of my workshops are done at individual school districts for that district. I occasionally present mini-workshops at National Conferences. The conferences are listed on the calendar page of this website. Information on having a workshop done at your location is at the workshop page of this website.

Question: How can our institution schedule a workshop?

Answer: You can get information on costs, and scheduling right here at my workshop page.

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