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18 years of publication, 17,000+ subscribers                 Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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  • January Tip: Use a Full-Spectrum Light in the Classroom During Dark Months
  • Hot Topic: Children With Dyslexia Struggle with Writing Due to Spelling Issues
  • Article:  Children With Autism Need Accommodation for Reading Material 
  • Quote of the Week
  • Misc Chatter & Workshop News

January Tip:  Use a Full-Spectrum Light in the Classroom During Dark Months

January is often a time for "seasonal affective depression" or SAD - caused by lack of sunlight.  In children this often manifests itself as increased restlessness, aggression or hyperactivity. Have a Full Spectrum Desk Lamp in the classroom and make it available to students on either an "as-needed" basis or rotation.  Ten minutes within 2 feet of full-spectrum light each day can alleviate SAD and the associated behaviors. 


  Have a teaching tip for us?  Please send it to kathie@brains.org 


HOT TOPIC: Children with Dyslexia Struggle With Writing Due To Spelling Issues

Children with dyslexia can write at the same speed as children without dyslexia.  However, on writing tasks, they write less overall and pause more frequently while writing.  In particular they pause within words due to poor spelling ability.  The majority of writing deficits in children with dyslexia result from non-automated spelling and within-word pausing.  Citation at the website.  


More Hot Topics & Tips at the Brains.org Website and via my Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/kathienunley



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Layered Curriculum Text & Workbook Combo 


New Article: Children with Autism Need Accommodation for Reading Material

Children (and adults) with autism will rarely read, understand or relate to fictional literature. People with autism have a different human interaction experience, so these novels will be challenging. If you parent a child with autism, consider asking for a modification on their IEP that they be offered non-fiction books instead of fiction novels assigned in class. This will also be the case if watching videos or films that are relationship-based. Documentaries will be better understood.  Read Entire Article....



Quote of the Week


 “You can't get too much winter in the winter."   

                                                                             - Robert Frost. 



Misc Chatter & Workshop News

Happy New Year to all of you.  My best wishes for a wonderful, fulfilling and healthy 2015.  

As you read this I'm already out on the road enjoying a day of introducing Layered Curriculum to the staff and faculty at the Woodruff Career and Technical Center in the Peoria School District in Illinois.  And next week, it's off to Ohio!  I guess it goes without saying that I'm hoping for a mild January to keep road and airports open.  


I want to thank the teachers and community in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for another wonderful two days with teachers and parents last month.  I look forward to hearing about your continued good work.  


And as you all start planning your 2015, let me know if you are interested in hosting a Layered Curriculum / Differentiation workshop at your school.  For information, just email me for a brochure of  2015 Workshop Offerings and Costs



As always, my best to you and yours,



Dr Kathie F Nunley

Layered Curriculum(R) . . . because every child deserves a special education (tm)







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