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_Community Strategies for Reducing Violence
© Dr Kathie Nunley

The "guru of violent behavior research", Adrian Raine, suggests three intervention strategies for reducing violence and violent behavior in our communities.

First - biofeedback training sessions for adolescents who show lower than normal physical arousal. Studies show that 15yr old males who show particularly low arousal (for example, don't startle easily) are predisposed to criminal and violent behavior when they reach their mid-twenties. On-the-other-hand, antisocial adolescents who show high arousal response, appear to outgrow or overcome their violent tendencies by their mid-twenties.

Second - cognitive therapy (re-train the thinking process) of people who appear to have damage or dysfunction in the pre-frontal cortex. This region of the brain has been shown time and again to be responsible for violent behavior. Third - Improved pre-natal follow-up following birth complications. Research indicates a correlation between birth complications coupled with a mother's rejection around age one, and violent crime during adolescence.

About the Author:
Dr Kathie Nunley is an educational psychologist, researcher and author of several books on parenting and teaching, including A Student's Brain (Brains.org) and the best selling, "Differentiating the High School Classroom" (Corwin Press). She is the developer of the Layered Curriculum® method of instruction and has worked with parents and educators around the world to better structure schools to make brain-friendly environments. In addition, her work has been used by the Boeing Corporation, Family Circle Magazine, the Washington Post, and ABC television.
Email her: Kathie (at) brains.org


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