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Help Your Child Make The Grade In Reading

Now that children are well into the school year, why not give yourself a little test to see if you are providing your child with the necessary essentials of reading.

Are you reading each day with your child?

Do you set aside quiet time (no TV) for study?

Do you check to see if he/she understands what they read?

If your child shows a special interest in a topic, do you help him/her to get information?

Does your child read carefully?

Do you give your child different reasons to read?

Are you helping to show your child that there are many different reasons to read? Take this quiz to find out.

Give your self five points for something you do often, zero points for something you never do-or something in between.

1. I encourage my child to find new recipes he would like to try.

2. I do crossword puzzles with my child.

3. I ask my child to read maps and choose the best routes.

4. I ask my child to help find information in the yellow pages.

5. I encourage my child to read for pleasure.

How did you score?

Twenty points and above means you are showing your child that there are many different reasons to read. 15-19 is average. Below 15? Try some of the ideas in the quiz, and see if they make a difference.

Don't stop reading!

Just because your child has learned to read on his own, doesn't mean you should stop reading with them. If he doesn't want you to read to him, ask him to read to you.

I hope these ideas will encourage all of you parents to continue to help your child gain a stronger desire to read, Our children are getting so much of their education these days through visual stimulation (TV, computer, movies, etc.), that we are slowly becoming a nation of non-readers. Let's break that cycle and continue to encourage our children to read. HAPPY READING.

Nanci Ross is a reading specialist in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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