Layered Curriculum® Trainers  

We have licensed trainers around North America who are ready to help you in Layered Curriculum® training - either full day presentations or follow-up work with groups of teachers ready to begin designing units.

Layered Curriculum® Trainers since 2002
Peggy Childs, Utah
Peggy is an educational consultant in southern Utah with many years of experience in Layered Curriculum training and support. She specializes in inclusion practices.
Dan Gordon, Oregon
Dan has been using Layered Curriculum in his own classroom for nearly 10 years. He recently has started giving workshops on both coasts.

Layered Curriculum® trainers since 2003

Helen Griffin , Texas
Helen is a consultant with Texas ESC Region IV in Houston. She and Adrian run Layered Curriculum workshops through their regional center. See a list of upcoming workshops

Dr Adrian Sorrell, Texas
Adrian is an associate professor at Texas A&M University - San Antonio. See a list of upcoming workshops

Layered Curriculum® trainers since 2004
Donna Thomas, North Carolina
Donna is an educational consultant with the state of North Carolina. She does extensive training in the region in Layered Curriculum.
Heather Clayton, Ontario
Heather is currently Director of Learning at St. Michel's University School in Victoria, British Columbia. She has a great deal of experience in training teachers in Layered Curriculum and working with the Ontario standards. She is available for training througout Canada.
Fred Goerisch, Idaho
Fred is a classroom teacher who not only has several years of practical Layered Curriculum experience, but he has taught Layered Curriculum at the university level as well.

Layered Curriculum® trainers since 2008
Katie Golin, Michigan
Katie is a 4th grade teacher for the Pinckney Community Schools (near Ann Arbor). She and Angela Kanerva team to present Layered Curriculum®workshops and support.
Angela Kanerva, Michigan
Angela is an elementary teacher in Pinckney, MI and specializes in math and gifted and talented education. She and Katie Golin team up for Layered Curriculum® workshops and support.
Marilyn Morgan, Minnesota.
Marilyn is an educational consulatant in the Twin Cities area. A former teacher, principal, and district director, Marilyn specializes in alternative education programs.


Layered Curriculum® Trainers new for 2010
Steve Ritter, Missouri
Steve is the high school assistant principal in Clinton, MO. Steve taught social studies before entering administration. He is available for 1/2 day or full day presentations or consultations.

Shonna Schrock, Illinois
Shonna is a 6th grade Science and Social Studies teacher who has been using Layered Curriculum in her classroom for 6 years.

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