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Education: Teaching Stu. w/ Disabilities in Gen. Ed.

Physiology 321Cell Physiology and Chemistry
Physiology 321Cellular Communication and the Nervous System Psychology - college
AP Biology - Birds/Mammals AP Biology - Animal Systems
AP Biology - Fish/Amphibians Cultural Diversity
Humanities 1100 Negro Leagues Baseball Unit
Word 2003 Project 1
Word 2003 Project 4
Word 2003 Project 2
Word 2003 Project 5
Word 2003 Project 3
Word 2003 Project 6
Choice Magazine
Microsoft Publisher Unit - College
Microsoft Publisher Test - College
Teachers as Leaders: Roles and Responsibilities - Practicum
Methods and Models of Instruction for the Academically Intellectually Gifted (AIG)
Characteristics of the Academically Intellectually Gifted (AIG)

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