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  Ben Franklin & T Edison gr 5.
Biography - 4th grade Social Studies - 1st grade
Plymouth Colony - 3rd grade Immigration - 5th grade
Quilts - 2nd grade Reading/Social Studies 5th grade Social Studies
Empires and Cultures of America
Arizona Exploration
The Federalist Era Anne Frank Project
Government  - 4th grade
World Religions 6th grade
Indians of North America Layered Curriculum Black History 5th/ 6th grade
The Early Peoples Elementary Sixth Grade Social Studies
New York State Government (4th Grade) Grade 6 Social Studies: Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers
Native American Project (5th & 4th Grade)
Jump Ship to Freedom 6th Grade
Creating the Constitution
The Separatists in England - 3rd/4th Grade
Middle East Level B Unit and Middle East Level C Unit American History
The Growth of American Imperialism
Native American Migrations and Adaptation - 5th grade
Beginnings of Human Society - 6th Grade World Studies The Fertile Crescent - 6th Grade World Studies
Ancient Egypt and Nubia - 6th Grade World Studies Ancient India - 6th Grade World Studies
Ancient China - 6th Grade World Studies Ancient Greece - 6th Grade World Studies
Ancient Rome - 6th Grade World Studies Social Studies Book Five, Chapters 33 - 38 - 6th Grade Social Studies
Introduction to the Middle Ages - 4th Grade Introduction to Ancient Civilizations - 5th Grade
My Country - 6th Grade A History of Us - Book 6 Chapters 1-10 - 6th Grade
Exploring Vocabulary - 6th Grade A History of Us - Book 6 Chapters 11-14 - 6th Grade

The Grand Ole USA - The Northeast Region - PDF
(Jaime Stuart)  - 4th Grade
Civil War Vocab - PDF
The Grand Ole USA - The Southern Region (Jaime Stuart)  - 4th Grade Texas Natural Resources
Multicultural Unit US History - NEW

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