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American Revolution grade 8Battle of the Alamo grade 7
Road to Revolution Constitutional Convention - 8th grade
Colonial America and Roots of Government - H.S 8th Grade Government

20th Century - 1940's
20th Century - 1940's - The home front
20th Century - 1945-50 Martin Luther King Jr.
Ratification of the Constitution - 8th grade American Revolution
The Federal Court System The Crash & Depression - US history
US History -20th century
US History, the 30's

US History - the 70's
US History, the 20'S
The Civil Rights Era Government
American Revolution - H.S. Social Studies Unit
The Nixon Years Texas History - 7th grade
The 13 colonies Hawaii History/Research
The revolution Pre-Revolution
Plymouth Rock Declaration of Independence
The Civil War
Colonization Units 1 and 2
U.S. History Since 1877 Second Six Weeks Exam U.S. History Since 1865 Review
The Legislative Body Creating a Nation
The Legislative Branch The Executive Branch
The Judicial Branch
The Roaring 20's
World War I The Progressive Era
Texas History: Mexican Natl Era
Changes In America In The Late 1800s  The Civil War and Reconstruction Eras
Social Histories Layered Curriculum
The Bill of Rights 
US Government  Citizenship - 8th grade

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